GoHoWiWi Surgical Attack Strategy Guide for TH9

From:3-star War Academy 03/07/2016

GoHoWiWi Surgical Attack Strategy Guide for TH9

The GoHoWiWi attack strategy is an amazing way to get 3 stars on pretty much every TH9 war base layout there is. It does take some practice to get the timing down, but this guide and the example video at the end should get you started.

Surgical GoHoWiWi TH9 3 Star Attack Guide Example

1.Troop Composition


Troops – 2 Golems /22 Hog Riders/11 Wizard /3 Wall Breaker

For this composition, you will need your Hog Riders at max level (5) and it is preferred that your heroes are at least level 15 each. We have been able to get 3 stars with lower level heroes, but everything has to go perfect. Higher level heroes are going to take a lot of the pressure off of your hogs.

Clan Castle – 2 Witch/1 Wizard/2 Archer/1 Earthquake

Max witches are required in your Clan Castle for this strategy. The level 3 Witch is amazing against Th9 bases and there is no reason not to include them in your attack. For spells, include a max earthquake so that you are able to take 3 in your factory and still be able to add another elixir spell to your arsenal.

Spells – 3 heals/3 earthquakes

This is my go-to spell breakdown for surgical GoHoWiWi attacks. You will need the 3 heals to keep your hog groups alive when they are rampaging the base. In this example, earthquakes are used for your kill squad to get into the base and kill the centrally located queen/clan castle.

In some situations, you will be able to use a jump instead of an earthquake to get your kill squad to where they need to be. If that is the case, I bring a jump for the kill squad, and poisons to help my hogs out. If I am bringing a poison, I will either use it to slow down and kill the clan castle if it is a dragon or low HP units like witches and wizards, or save it for skeletons that pop out of traps and chase my hogs around the base.

If you don’t need to use any spells for your kill squad to take out their queen (an example is if she is located around the edges of the base) I bring a rage to buff up my kill squad to destroy as much as they possibly can.

2.How to Attack Using GoHowiwi Strategy

When preparing for a GoHoWiWi attack, there are 3 considerations that I take into account when analyzing a base:

  *Giant Bomb Locations – You need to look at the base and try and determine where the giant bombs are. Two of them next to each other demolishes groups of hogs, so be careful.

  *Archer Queen – The Archer Queen needs to be killed by your kill squad before you place your hogs. If you don’t take her out, she will shoot down your hogs one by one and the attack will fail.

  *Clan Castle Troops – You also will be taking out any Clan Castle troops with your kill squad. This is very important, because if you don’t take them out before you deploy your hogs they will chase your hogs around the base and kill them quickly.


I have circled the possible Double Giant Bomb Locations on the map in white. Once you figure this out, you will need to figure out how you can either deploy your hogs to avoid that spot, or deploy your kill squad so that they activate the bombs.

3.How/Where do I Place my Troops?


The kill squad consists of your heroes, wizards, witches, and golems. Pretty much everything you have that is not a Hog Rider. Their job is to kill the enemy queen, kill the clan castle troops, and activate as many giant bombs and skeleton traps as possible. Since I am trying to get my kill squad into the middle, I will be opening the first layer of walls with Wall Breakers and using the Earthquakes to destroy the second and third layer. This gives our squad access to both enemy heroes and their clan castle troops.

Once the kill squad takes out their heroes and clan castle troops, I will start the hog deployment. I place 3-4 hogs on each building in phases (as shown in the picture as groups 1, 2, and 3). It is hard to explain the hog timing over text, so please watch the example video located at the end of this guide to get a better understanding.

I always hold 2-3 wizards until the tail end of the attack to help clean up any straggling buildings and get the 100%

4.How/Where do I Place my Spells?


Earthquake- placing Earthquake here (black circle on map) gives my kill squad access to the middle and gives them a clear path to take out both of the enemy heroes and their clan castle troops.

Heals – The heals are used to keep your groups of hog afloat while they move around the base.

The biggest mistake that people make is that they drop their heals too early when their hogs are still at full health. Max level hogs are pretty formidable and can take some damage, so I usually wait until they are around 40% or they step on a giant bomb to start dropping heals.

Another mistake to avoid is not to drop the heal where the hogs are. You want to place the spell where they are going to be. Once you understand their pathing, you will be able to tell where they are going to go to next. Place the spell where they are going to be, so that they are in the radius for as long as possible and take full advantage of the spell.

With surgical hogs, you have to plan your spell placement and put it where your groups of hogs will be joining together. In this example, I am placing my first heal spell where the hogs from the first phase meet up with the hogs from the second phase. The second heal will be placed where my second phase hogs meet the third phase group. The final heal is used when all of my hogs are together as one group and are taking out the last defenses together. Please watch the example video to better understand the timing.

Hero Skills

King – The kings role is to take down the queen, so I usually use his skill when he reaches her. With the barb rage, it only takes a second or two to take her down.

Queen– The queen skill I always try and save until she is at about 20% life and towers are targeting her. When the skill is used she will vanish and the towers will stop attacking her.

5.Final Thoughts

The GoHoWiWi strategy may seem intimidating at first, but it is an amazing tool to have in your arsenal once you practice a bit. This strategy makes it possible to 3 star most th9s and become a hero in your clan wars.

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