Tips & Strategy To Drop Spells Right

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Tips & Strategy To Drop Spells Right

I watched lots of attack replays lately, and I’ve noticed one thing about Spells in there – some are dropped super-accurately, making me get goosebumps when watching the defensive replay of my base because they wiped my defenses apart – other have been dropped so poorly that I almost felt pity for the attacker. Spells are the only thing, next to your Heroes’ Abilities, you can do to actively change the progress of your attack after your troops are deployed. In this post, I want to show you what you have to know about dropping each individual Spell in Clash of Clans.

1.Common Mistakes in Spell Deployment

Before I give you specific tips on the deployment of the different Spells, I want to point out some common mistakes I constantly see when watching replays. These mistakes are even happening in the Champions League:

  *Troop-buffing Spells are dropped where the troops are, not where they will go

  *Destructive Spells are dropped to be perfect but miss the primary goal

  *Spells are dropped without a plan, just to have them dropped

The main objective of dropping a Spell is to give your troops the best support possible, so you need to know exactly what you’re doing! Dropping a Rage Spell on your troops will help them, but maybe they will exit the area too fast, and some of the Spells’ power is lost. Check out the deployment strategies for the individual Spells below.

2.Deployment Tips For The Spells in Clash of Clans

Each Spell has individual abilities and situations it’s working best in. Here are my tips on using them the best way.

Lightning Spell

The Lightning Spell is still the best option to take down individual buildings and for a lower player, not having access to the Poison Spell, the best way to take down defending Clan Castle Troops. Always mind this when using the Lightning Spell:

  *The Lightning Spell is not dealing the full damage to the entire area. The bolts are going down but the only point where you can deal the FULL DAMAGE is the exact point where you drop it!

  *Always know how many of your Lightning Spells you need to take down a building. There is no bigger waste than dropping two of them and having a building with 10% left.

  *If you need to take out defending Clan Castle Troops, gather them together in one pack before dropping the Lightning Spell


Rage Spell

The Rage Spell is used through all Town Hall Levels frequently to boost Giants, Balloons, Dragons or used with GoWiWi in the end-game. I always see the same mistakes Clashers do when using the Rage Spell – you should always:

  *Use them on the right troops. Some use it to make their Golems go faster or raging some Minions. The Rage Spell is very powerful and should be used on troops that benefit from that extra damage

  *Use them on as many troops as possible. Raging two or three Dragons is nice, but having more in the area will add some extra boost to your attack

  *Never simply drop them in the main attacking zone “just because”. You need to watch carefully where the troops will use the extra boost best.

Healing Spell

A great Spell to use along with Giants and Hog Riders, if you mind the main rules:

  *Always drop the Spells where the troops will go next. Minding this, you’ll be able to give your troops the max benefit possible

  *Try to use it on multiple troops. Dropping it on 2 Golems or maybe Dragons will not be that big of a benefit and won’t make up for the brewing costs

  *Never use it in the range of a Multi-Target Inferno Tower. It will just remove the Healing.


Jump Spell

Imagine the Jump Spell simply removes Walls for a while. It’s great to use later in the game with more enhanced armies like GoWiPe and GoWiWi:

  *Drop it early. The Jump Spell stays for a long time, and you can drop it before your troops start (in the outside layer). Once locked the troop will not change it’s way that easily, so be prepared to drop it

  *Mind that you might be able to make more than one layer of Walls jumpable with the Jump Spell! Only a small part of it in the area is enough to make your troops go over it – try to drop it for the maximum effect


Freeze Spell

Give your troops a break with the Freeze Spell, but only if you do it right:

  *Drop it on the right building. I see so many just dropping it in the core and missing the building they want to use it on

  *Do it at the right time. Freezing an Eagle Artillery that just blew off the deadly shots is not helping at all, because you froze it in the pause. Always have a look at the state of your troops and if they actually need the Freeze Spell right now

  *Dropping it on a Single-Target Inferno Tower that targets small troops one-by-one is not necessary. Always focus on the Defense that deals the most vicious damage to your army

  *If Inferno Tower are completely touching a Town Hall you can freeze both of them with a single Freeze Spell


Clone Spell

The Clone Spell can get a little hard to control and it’s a very expensive Spell (remember it takes the space of 2 regular Spells or 4 Dark Spells!) – so you don’t want to miss with it.

The best use is on a single troop and try to avoid dropping it into a group of different troops – otherwise you can’t tell what troops you will clone.

Earthquake Spell

The Earthquake Spell can be used excellently against Walls and also to take down structures with less than 25% hitpoints left. There’s not much you can do wrong here, at least I’ve not seen cases of very wrong usage of this Spell, except accidentally dropping it at the border of the map

Poison Spell

This is the Spell against defending Clan Castle Troops, and it will make your life so much easier when you use it right:

  *Never drop on Clan Castle Troops that move around. The Spells needs some time to deal the real damage, and if the troops leave the area quickly the Spell didn’t harm them enough

  *Don’t drop it on Heroes. They walk around, even if not triggered and entering the fight. Their radius of walking around (guarding mode) is bigger than the Poison Spells’ radius – this means they will leave the area all the time, and when they come back the Spell will start dealing damage from the beginning again. You will not see them losing enough health to make this a clever move.


Haste Spell

The Haste Spell makes troops even faster than the Rage Spell, but no extra boost in damage. The area of effect is also smaller compared to the Rage Spell. The Haste Spell is actually the only Spell that really stands out in Balloons versus Air Sweeper. People using it know how to use it, and I’ve not seen wrong using of the Haste Spell so far, compared to the other Spells :) simple smile

Skeleton Spell

The Skeleton Spell is perfect for cleaning up or distracting defenses.


That was my best-of, and I’m really sure one or another of you does some of them, maybe only from time to time. Spells make the difference between successful and miserable attacks and you should always try to make the most out of them.

They are the only way to actively influence your attack after your troops have been deployed (besides hero abilities), so keep that in mind.

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