Best Arena 4 Battle Combo For Clash Royale! (Tried and Tested)

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This particular Clash Royale strategy has been picked from the various good battle decks out there. A number of cards have been tried and tested for their particular role and in the end this has been that deck that has given a high success rate.

This battle strategy is apt for Arena 4 and will push you through the next arena with relative ease.



Spear Goblins + Valkyrie + Minion Horde + Giant + Fire Spirit + Hog Rider +Fireball

+Skeleton Army

▲Use and role of each card:


The Spear Goblins were compared with several cards that are around that range. However in a combination it is necessary to have complementing cards in your card. You spear goblins are very effective in taking out air troops and acting as a defensive agent while the other cards can attack. As I have mentioned in my previous article the spear goblins can attack as well as defend. The giant will soak up all the damage while the spear goblins can cause damage. Use from behind so, sending your spear goblins behind your giant would be effective. 

Taking out air troops (Minions, Baby dragon etc.) can be considered as the ffensive tactic for the spear goblins. You may also use the minitially to cause a bit of damage to the towers when the tower is open. 

2. Valkyrie:

The Valkyrie is in this deck for defensive purpose more often that not! She is key player as she can be used against a number of cards capable of taking the battle away from you. The witch is extremely vulnerable against a Valkyrie. As is the skeleton army and musketeer to name a few.

You can defend your attacking troops like your giant as well with this card if she is sent along with the giant. The giant is most vulnerable against group of small units so the Valkyrie is an excellent partner.

3.Minion Horde:

The minion Horde had a lot of competition to make it to this deck. The Prince was a viable candidate but the simple fact that the minions are quick, lethal and can fly got them into the deck.

Like I have mentioned in my previous article the minion horde is vulnerable against arrows so if you know that your opponent has that card in his possession do not use the minion horde rightaway. I would suggest that you stall for a while and use the minion horde when the arrows have just been used by your opponentbecause he will have to wait a while before he can use thearrows again. 

Another thing that you probably didn’t know is that a Minion Horde Vs Minion Horde doesn’t result in a tie! The person defending with the horde always loses.


The Giant was a common card among many of the famous arena 4 decks out there and this has to do with its game changing ability. If your opponent forgets to defend against your Giant then that game is yours 9/10 times.

It is important to know that the giant should have good backup like Valkyrie with him.

5.Fire Spirit:

The Fire Spirit was another tough choice. However it is in he deck specially to cause damage to the Balloon and to take out the Minion Horde.

You may send them at any time when you see the minion horde tying to attack you but be sure to place them slightly away from the horde. The fact that it has just a count of 2 elixers is a good advantage.


The Fireball is in this deck to mainly take out one kind of troop. The troop in reference are the barbarians.

You may use it any point to cause damage to the tower or for any other purpose. These purpose mainly cater to taking out the goblin hut, Barbarian hut or group of troops.

7.Hog rider

It was noticed in the tryouts that we needed a card that can effectively cause damage quickly and take the game away in a matter of seconds without a lot of distractions.

The Hog rider will give you that added advantage so use him carefully and smartly. He is  a key card that can cause a lot of pressure as well.

8.Skeleton Army:

The Skeleton army is there in this deck t take out the prine and the giant. Both these cards are extremely dangerous so make sure a group of skeltons or a horde of minions are always read for them!

The skeleton army will supplement your other cards effectively.


1.Let your elixer count go up to ten when the game starts. This will give you the advantage.

2.Attack one lane while carefully defending the other.

3.As it is a combination strategy remember to use each card to supplement the other.

3.Use your final sixty seconds wisely, don’t let your opponent rush you and make sure your inferno tower is ready for the attack.

4.Send in your spear goblins considerably away from the target.

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