Resource Management like a Chief

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Resource Management like a Chief

We all attack for two reasons – glory and resources. The last one is what pays for our next army and also our upgrades. Making a profit in resources when attacking is essential and many Clashers aren’t able to make a profit. That’s not because they are bad attacker, they simply use a bad resource management.

In this post I will show you my personal strategy how I prevent that my raiding costs me resources or only breaks even – don’t get me wrong, I love destroying other people villages (that’s why I’m called TimmyEatWorld) but in the end I also want my Storages to be filled, so I will show you my own personal checklist and how to apply them to regular raiding and Clan War attacking with the experience I have made so far.

I know there are some math things in it but you will see that this is much more easy than you would expect it to be if you follow my instructions.

Resource Management Checklist for more loot

The basic thoughts behind this is that I don’t want to spend more than I invested so here’s my simple Checklist I always run through in my mind to know what I have to consider before I deploy my first troop:

  *What does my army cost?

  *What do I go for?

  *What to expect?

  *Set myself limits

We will now calculate that step by step – in the end I wrapped it up in a formula that should work for most of you.

Calculate your army costs

If you don’t control your costs you will hardly make some profit. Now you simply sum up your costs for the Troops you’re going to attack with – there are many army cost planner around but you can also do the math easily in your head.

I will guide you through this with a quite simple example so you only have to put in your own parameters from your troop composition.

My current farming composition is 28 Balloons, 2 Lava Hounds, 20 Minions, 1 Poison Spell, 2 Haste Spells, 3 Rage Spells and 1 Freeze Spell

The total costs of this army is 274k Elixir and 1,7k Dark Elixir


Some attacking strategies don’t use all the Spells all the time – in fact I only have to use the Poison Spell every 4-5 raids because the Clan Castle is often empty. I could now deduct 80 Dark Elixir, but that wouldn’t make that much of a difference.

If you use a composition that don’t require all spells, you can deduct some of their cost, depending on how often you need to use it in average (deduct half of it when you use it every second time, etc.)

Attention: please try to be honest with this. You don’t want to be too pessimistic because your limits would let you not attack one or another village or on the other side you will not make that much profit if you are too optimistic with the Spells. I’m sure you have the idea – otherwise consider your Attack Log and see how many you really used.

Gold For Raiding

Nexting costs Gold and you will have to next until you find a base. Just start counting how much you next in the next 10 raids will give you a feeling for this number. For me it’s an average of about 50 nextings before I find a proper base – that’s also 50k Gold that I need to add to my calculation.

I know a lot of numbers, but now it will get easier.

What are you raiding for? No matter, it’s loot!

Now we’re getting deeper because getting 274k Elixir plus 1,7k Dark Elixir in raids with the nexting costs is just not realistic. I always put Gold+Elixir in one pot and – depending how much I need it – Dark Elixir with the ratio of 75. This means 1,000 Dark Elixir is as much 75,000 Gold or Elixir to me. This of course is now the amount you have to get for yourself – I admit it’s hard in the beginning when you start to not only look at the resources and next in the blink of an eye, but start calculating but after some days doing it you just do it automatically – I promise. You basically stop thinking in Gold and Elixir and start thinking in the unit called “loot”.


In my calculation I got exactly 686,636 loot (620,861 in Gold+Elixir + 65,775 in Dark Elixir) from this raid

What to expect?

The picture above shows you that I’ve been making profit from the raid because I invested my 451k loot (274k Elixir + 1,7k Dark Elixir*75 = 401k + 50k Gold in average) and got out 686,636 but only expecting those fat raids is not doing the job so you need some more calculations.

We now have to leave our little math world sandbox and add some realistic figures:

  *How much do I have to invest until I get a raid that will bring me profit?

  *What’s my success rate?

  *What’s the bonus I get?

Getting these numbers is the key of success – if you have them straight you will make profit. I will show you how you get these numbers and I really recommend that you do two things with them:

  *Note them down once you got them

  *Re-check them

Here are also 2 things you need to mind:

1.) Success rate: Take a look at your last 10 attacks in your Attack Log and you’ll get a number. For me it’s about 85% success rate so I have to add another 15% to my original invest of 451k loot which makes an additional 68k loot.

2.) League Bonus: As our success rate is based on the fact that we get a bonus we have to add the League Bonus. In my case in Champions League 2 I get between 50-65% destruction – that rewards 184k Elixir, 184k Gold and also 1,2k Dark Elixir = 458k loot

3.) Storage Count:  If you’re farming and 3 Star the bases you’re fine – but I doubt that is the truth. In this case have a look at how many Storages you get (The Town Hall counts as 2 Storages). For TH11 I have 10 Storages in a base, but I often only get 6 of them in total – so my effectivity is only 60%

I assume you get the Dark Elixir Storage all the time when you attack

Important! Please re-Calculate those 3 steps once a week or if you move Leagues because they make it quite dynamic.

Getting it together!

Here’s the formula to use to get your own amount of loot you need to find in a base available to attack it with profit:

Investing (Your army cost)

+ Nexting costs you need in average to find a base

+ Success Rate Loot (How many of your last 10 raids did you win in percent, multiplied with army cost)

= Total Invest

– League Bonus Loot (League Bonus you get normally multiplied with success rate)

= Delta Loot (That’s the loot you need to get from your opponents Storages)

* Effectivity Rate (multiply by the number of storages you get in average, in percent)

= This Loot Should Be In The Base

Yes I understand this sounds hard to calculate, but let’s do this with the numbers from above:

401k Loot Invest (Army Cost)

+ 50k Nexting Cost (Average)

+ 68k Success Loot (I lose 15% of my raids, so I have to add 15% of my costs)

= 519k Total Invest

– 458k League Bonus Loot

= 61k Delta Loot (This is the loot I need to get in total)

* Add 40% (Because I only get 60% of the Storages in average)

= 85k Loot

So I need to see at least 85k Loot in total in the base I will raid – this sounds much less than you expect, right?

But depending on how you do it and how often you succeed and the league you’re in this number can be totally different.


Who said math is useless? Before you now hate me in the comments for teaching you in your free time math, please always mind that this method seems very hard to apply in the beginning but after several days you will just do it in the back of your head – all you need is some routine and this is the only way you can really track your effort and prevent that you lose resources while raiding.

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