Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition Guides and Tips

From:GM 05/07/2016


Now we will share not only a free app but even with paid app like this Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition. The game already brought the hit on PC and now they want to extend their success with their pocket edition. As you can experience the uncompromising wilderness survival game with full of science and magic on the go. In this game you will play as Wilson known as intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. And from his journey, he will learn to exploit his environment and its inhabitants if he ever wish to escape and find his way back home. On your way, you will enter a strange and unexplored world full of strange creatures, dangers and surprises. You can also gather resources that you can use to create new items and structures that will match with your survival style. Now if you want to start your adventure with Wilson, you should check first some tips and guides below:

1. Prioritize building your Science Machine. 

This building will allows you to craft more advanced things from the game so you should ensure to build this as soon as possible so you can secure more progress from the game. This is not really difficult to set up, all  you have to do is to focus on constructing this building by do planning with your resources.


2. Prioritize gathering those important resources. 

We mentioned about the resources above. Actually the tricks on having more resources is by gathering important resources first. For instance, early on, apart from food, rocks are actually important so ensure that you start minding them seriously as soon as you reach the area. That should be your goal as you should find the rocks area as soon as possible. Just build up from there on since you will now have a Fire pit and additional tools to make your life easier.

3. Look for the place dedicated for your home base.

You will start with your small little base but as you continue making progress, you will find later on a better area for your permanent base. As for your recommendation, you you should set up camp near a Pig Village or even near the Elk-like animals, in an area where you can make a quick access to your resources. Just don’t spend your precious time on it early on, just build it where it looks best after a few days since you will most likely find a better spot after you completely explore your environment.


4. Never let your cooked be wasted. 

Actually cooked food is a lot better than raw food so you should try to cook your food whenever you have a chance. Just don’t carry around too much food either such as berries and carrots since they will only spoil and definitely that will be a huge waste on your part. But then, food won’ spoil if left in the bushes, so always take what you need. Just have a few seeds on you just in case something unexpected happens on your game and you really need some quick food.

5. Now you can build your weapons and armor.

Once you already have enough resources you can now start building your weapons and armor. Just research everything as possible and build up armor and weapons to stand a chance when running is not an option for you. Yes you really need to be prepared by carrying with you the requirements to make fire and enough food that will lat you even at least one day. You will never know when danger strikes and you won’t be ale to make it back to base in time. So with those items required for fire and food might definitely saves your life from sudden changes.

6. Getting lots of food easier. 

For instance,rabbit can be easily hunted if you attack them from the direction of their rabbit hole. While as for birds, you will have a clue since they are very easy prey at night if you go out with a torch and catch them sleeping. Just think on how they react on game as for every difficult type of animal included in game there is always a way to catch them.

7. Surviving Day One. 

Actually the day one is the most challenging part of the game. But with such tricks you are able to survive your first day without having a problem. The first thing you need to do is to explore smart and prepare for your first night. Without playing it effectively, your first night will also be your last night. You can consider trying to cover an area that’s as large as possible also you can taking into account all the resources that you encounter and gathering the basics. You can also gather a few berries and seeds too in order to ensure that you will not get too starve over the night. At first just forget about your ultimate plan for your base. First set your camp near resources but not too close to them so you would not risk them from catching fire. You can start your fire as soon as night hits and work throughout the night. You can cut trees, grass and gather whatever resources you have nearby. Definitely the more you get, the better the foundation for your upcoming days.

8.Watch out for forest fires.

Only you can prevent them. By being careful with torches and campfire placement.