Clash Royale Frozen Peak Arena 8 Best Deck with 90% Winrate!

From:2p 06/07/2016

With the new update, we've got a brand new Arena 8 called Frozen Peak, which you can unlock at 2300 trophies. Today I want to share a deck that works perfectly in the new Arena 8. I used this deck and got to legendary arena from 2100 trophies to 3005 trophies with a incredible high winrate at 90%.

Battle deck:


Brief deck analysis

▲Pros: Try to deal as much damages as you can to your opponent's Arena Tower before the double elixir time. We don't have Elixir Collector in this deck so we don't have advantages in the last minute. When time goes to there, stepping backward is moving forward. Goblins, Spear Goblins and Minions can gain an advantaged elixir trade if placed properly.

Cons: this deck is weak when facing Ice Wizard/Ice Wizard+ Royal Giant/Golem decks because the damage Zap Hog causes is limited when facing those big creature decks. Especially Ice Wizard, he can slow down Hog Rider and make Hog attacking not that effectively.

Card analysis

Hog Rider: How you use Hog can be very flexible. If your opponent plays Golem/Pekka/Giant behind the King Tower, then push Hog Rider immediately in another lane.  Pay attention on how your opponent deals with your Hog. If he uses Valkyrie, then remember don't play the Hog Rider + Goblins combo; If your opponent uses Barbarians to counter your Hog, the Hog Rider + Goblins + Zap combo can still do if you have advantage in previous elixir trade. Goblins deal good damages so in this case, your Hog can hit 3 times to Arena Tower and his Barbarians will be nearly dead when they come over the bridge.

Lighting: it can be a very tricky card as you need 6 elixir to cast the spell, which means if you catch the wrong timing to use the spell, you may just lose the game. Normally we use it to lighting Wizard/Musketeer/Princess. If you can hit both the troops + Arena Tower, it's a good elixir trade.

Cannon: though it has been nerfed for two times, it's still a popular card as it only costs 3 elixir. Don't play Cannon easily unless you have nothing to play at 10 elixir.

Mini Pekka: key card when playing Royal Giant. Also, it is great when dealing with Miner if you can pre-judge where the Miner goes. Don't use Mini Pekka to initiate attack as it will be distracted easily. Here a small tips when playing Mini Pekka: it can be hidden under Minon Horde. Your opponent might just ignore the Mini Pekka if he doesn't turn on the game music.

Goblins/Spear Goblins: it's an all-purpose card and can deal huge damages to the Arena Tower. If your opponent runs out of elixir, Hog Rider + Goblins can deal tons of damages in a few seconds. Goblins can also be used to distract Mini Pekka/Pekka.

Zap: it's an awesome common card. Noted that Zap Minin Horde after they cross the bridge so they can't deal any damage to your Arena Tower. If your opponent has Goblin Barrel in his deck, leave the Zap to the Barrel.

Minion: the reason why I didn't bring Minon Horde is because Minion is more flexible than Minion Horde.


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