Clash Royale Arena 4 Push Strategy (Giant, Hog, Witch and Balloon)

From:2p 06/07/2016

Well, in the popular Supercell game Clash Royale, many people may find it difficult to make it to arena 5. I am here to share you a deck that is amazing at trophy pushing and overall great at getting you to higher arenas.

·Hog Rider

·Rage Spell

·Goblin hut


·Baby Dragon




So now... attack strategy!!! You will want to place the goblin hut behind or to the side of one of your crown towers. If the goblin but is not in your starting hand you will want to create a push.

The main pushes that work well are:

-Giant and witch ( Place the giant in front of the witch on the bridge for bestresults )

-Giant and balloon ( place near eachother behind a protective front and youwill deal damage )

-Hog Rider and Balloon ( this duo deals tons of damage... they will obliterateany tower )

*use your rage spell to make these pushes unstoppable!

Well, you may say "what about defense?" I have the answer.

The baby dragon is a great defender,dealing splash damage with decent damage it can stop any attacking enemies...the baby dragon will also help any of your push troops clear enemy defenses.

The Goblin hut will help defend andattack... if any enemies dare pass to your side of the arena, your goblins willdeal decent damage to them but most likely not finish them off. The Speargoblins will also stand back behind any pushing troop and deal damage todefenses. ( if you protect them, they will bunch up and create a strong push...especially if they have another tank troop with them.)

If needed use your witch as defense as she can deal rapid damage and spawnskeletons to help defend your towers.

You will also find that the fireball will finish off any low health tower, itwill nearly kill all barbarians placed, this is good to kill/damage groupedtogether troops or towers, and will also take a witch's health down to nearlyzero. Use this if you must deal quick damage.

Use any troop solo and you will see different enemy responses... sometimes theycan't defend!

Since their are some epics in this deck, you might not have all of the epicsso... replace them!!!

-Witch for Valkyrie

-Baby Dragon for any defense building such as a cannon

-Balloon for Prince or minion horde

-Rage for arrows

I have been beaten before so don't think this is unstoppable but, it is very good.

Okay guys, thanks for reading. Hopefully you find this Arena 4 strategy helpful! 


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