COC: How to replace to use upgrading Heroes in Clan War

From:allclash 06/07/2016


Clan War is one of the best features in Clash of Clans – despite the fact that you can’t use your Heroes while upgrading in war. I’ve been waiting for this feature since the beginning of Clan Wars and I think it now is time to work out a technique that will not keep you from upgrading Heroes just because of Clan War.

Why you can’t use your upgrading Heroes in Clan War

From a general perspective it’s a little weird that you can have your upgrading Defenses in your War base active – in the lower level however, but they’re active – but when you upgrade your Heroes they are not active. Supercell official Anoushka announced at the end of 2014 that this feature is not ruled out but it has some technical difficulties.

That’s a great thing to hear but I’ve been waiting for this for more than two years now and I always had to make a hard choice to either upgrade my Heroes or fully participate in Clan War. This is why I came up with this tactic that serves me quite alright so far.

In addition gemming the Hero upgrading time is one of the biggest cash cows for Supercell, so I have my expectations quite low to ever see that I can ever use upgrading Heroes in Clan War.


Why you need a workaround for upgrading Heroes in war

The higher you get the more important your Heroes get. I have a pretty decent TH11 base with pretty maxed defenses and I can see lots of attacks getting 35% and the Heroes bringing that attack to over 50% in normal Clan Wars.When you wait with upgrading your Heroes (like I did for quite a while, because I was sure Supercell will make them available in the next update for 5 updates now) you’ll get left behind. 

When you wait with upgrading your Heroes (like I did for quite a while, because I was sure Supercell will make them available in the next update for 5 updates now) you’ll get left behind. In lower levels the upgrading of Heroes has quite decent times so you can time your upgrades with your clan Clan War rhythm. When you Heroes pass Level 6 the upgrade time is 7 days – so impossible if you have a Clan going to War more than once per week.

Because gemming 750 Gems per Level is not a choice I can recommend, for obvious reasons, I want to show you how I handle the situation – and there are 2 ways to do it:

Timing Your Upgrades

Substitute The Heroes

Timing Hero Upgrades

If your Clan goes to Clan War once per week you can upgrade them without any problem:

Use your attacks in Clan War as early as possible

Directly start the upgrade after that

You next Clan War in a week will take place when your upgrade finishes

This is a nice way to do it. If your Clan goes to war more often and your Heroes are required to participate, you’ll need to opt-out for the other Clan Wars until the next one takes part.

I know some clans have that strict rule about upgrading Heroes.


Substitute upgrading Heroes in Clan War

This second way is also possible, but you have to be sure that your attacks won’t 3-Star and maybe even the 2-Star gets hard to get every time.

The basic of this technique is pretty simple – you can’t use your Hero but you need your Hero, so you have to replace your Hero with something similar.

Replacing an upgrading Barbarian King in Clan War

The Barbarian King is a beefcake with a decent amount of damage, so we’re looking for a replacement that:

has a lot of health (2,000-4,500 HP approx.)

attacks any kind of building with a decent amount of damage (120-260 DPS approx.)

Needless to say that this choice is done pretty quickly – we replace our Barbarian King with a PEKKA! The PEKKA almost perfectly fits the stats of the Barbarian King:

Health (2,800-4,500 HP)

DPS (240-380 DPS)

You can see that the health almost fits (if you don’t count the Barbarian Kings ability that heals 500 to 1,700 HP and gives a speed boost). Even the movement speed of 16 is the same on Barbarian King and PEKKA!

The important thing is that the pathing of the PEKKA and the Barbarian King is the same, so it’s not a big deal to use the PEKKA as replacement.

The only thing you need to care about is the missing ability, so try not to use her for cleaning where you have to go through some walls.

I know that you have to invest some housing space for that but maybe you can fit her inside your Clan Castle – during war I’m quite sure your clan members will be generously donating a PEKKA for the Clan War victory!

Replacing your upgrading Archer Queen in Clan War

I admit that finding a solution for that was much harder than expected, because the Archer Queen:

has basically a second life with the Royal Cloak

deals high damage of 120 to 420 DPS (and up to 800 additional DPS with ability)

range attacking

To be honest I was playing around with Dragons at first because the range attacks gave me quite a focus. In the end, I looked over all my attacks and most of the times when the Archer Queen did really play that range attacking over a Wall it was not my advantage and lead her to a bad path for me.

I had the best results replacing her with 5 Bowler or 5 Valkyries. This depends entirely what of them you have more upgraded.

With Bowlers you can even do a semi-Queen Walk


I recommend that you test these substitutions out in Friendly Challenges or the Goblin Map to get a feeling for it. Always keep in mind:

You don’t have abilities, so use these troops along with your main army

Don’t expect the same strength

You will only have 1 Hero upgrading at the time if you do these testing attacks. Either don’t use your Archer Queen or your Barbarian King

Try to have them in your Clan Castle; that makes deployment easier during the attacking

You can also try these 2 attacking techniques that are ment for farming without Heroes – they are also able to win attacks (but not to 3 Star):


Bottom line the situation is bad and I don’t want to lie to you that Clan War without Heroes is fun – even with these ways you will not be that strong and are only a way to go to war without failing completely. In the end, there are many levels to upgrade and it will take you a very long time opting-out of Clan War if you don’t find a way to upgrade Heroes and go to war the same time.

I just hope Supercell takes care of the situation, even if my hopes are not that high on that.


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