How to Make TNT Cannon (No Redstone) - Long Range and High Efficiency TNT Cannon Tutorial

From:goplay 29/03/2016

This TNT cannon guide teaches how to make a TNT cannon in Minecraft performing long range attack easily - No Redstone is used! 

Materials are simple, you are required to prepare:

- 2 levers


- A bucket of water

- Blocks of your choice

- Ladder

Step 1 Make a TNT Cannon Launcher Base 

Make a launcher base that is at least 4 blocks high, stack a stairs to stand there to control the lever. 




Step 2 

Come inside the base, put a ladder on the the block on interior side, add water which flows toward inside but not on the ladder. 



Step 3 

Place two levers on the block 


Step 4 

Place two TNT under the levers and other two TNT above levers, and the fifth is at the back. 



Step 5 

Hit a back lever first and wait for a second, and hit the front lever, and the TNT will be push far way to attack opposite object. 




This Minecraft TNT cannon design is easy to learn and fast to be made, hope you enjoy it. We will continue to bring you more TNT cannon tutorial. Next time I will share 5 different design of Minecraft TNT cannon, await pleased!