Minecraft PE 0.14 Stronghold Seed + 2 Villages+ Wit Hut: 835433583

From:goplay 30/03/2016

Today I share a Minecraft pe 0.14 stronghold seed with 2 villages: 835433583, in this seed sometimes you can even find a abandoned shaft beneath a small water pool in desert biome. Leave a like and share if this seed helps you! 

Seed: 835433583

1. 2 villages 

Firstly you will spawn at a village ❶ on the border between swamp and grass land. NPC villagers live and plant including beetroot in this village you can find some items like apple, bread and coal in chest in one of these shelter, but the number of items are very limited.



Village ❷ is not far from village ❶, which is situated in in desert biome. In the same way there seems not many items can be found. 


2. A Stronghold / Ender Portal Base directly beneath Well 

you will find a well in middle of the village ❶. To find the stronghold base as fast as possible, face down to the well , sink and dig directly down until water flow washes you arrive at Double Stone Brick Slab. 
Find a room where stronghold is situated along the routine 
The most interesting thing is that a rare mob - mouse will spawn in monster spawner. 




3. Abandon Shaft 

This stronghold and village seed consists of not only villages, stronghold wit hut and various biomes, but also plenty ore resources in abandoned shaft under water pool and well. I have point out that if you dig down in well ( of village ❶) towards other direction instead of facing down, you probably encounter a another shaft under the well. But here I particularly mean the abandoned shaft under a water pool in desert.

the direction of 2 villages 



Shaft and mine of this Minecraft pe 0.14 seed 




Just dig down until you get to the shaft, which is complicated enough to provide with joy of exploring.