Clash Royale guide to every building card

From:Clashroyaleguides 22/03/2016


Playing Supercell's new Clash of Clans spin-off, Clash Royale? Then you're going to need to know what all the cards do, so you can start planning your perfect deck.

This time, we've got buildings.

Below you'll find out everything you need to know about each impromptu tower from its mana cost to its base stats (at level one), and the developer's description.

Goblin Hut

“Building that spawns Spear Goblins. But don't look inside. You don't want to see how they are made”

Bomb Tower

“Defensive building that houses a Bomber. Deals area damage to anything dumb enough to stand near it.”


“Troop building that periodically deploys skeletons to fight the enemy. When destroyed, spawns 6skeletons. Creepy!”

Inferno Tower

“Defensive building, roasts targets for damage that increases over time. Burns through even the biggest and toughest enemies!”

Barbarian Hut

“Troop building that periodically deploys Barbarians to fight the enemy. Time to make the Barbarians


“Defensive building. Whenever it's not zapping the enemy, the power of Electrickery is best kept grounded”.


“Defensive building. Shoots cannonballs with deadly effect, but cannot target flying troops”.


“Nice towers you got there. Would be a shame if this X-Bow whittled it down from this side of the arena…”

Elixir Collector

“You gotta spend Elixir to make Elixir