Color Switch Update Now Includes Endless Mode; Hit Colors While Everything Spins

From:V Doctor 30/06/2016

Color Switch,one of the most popular tapping games available today, received a new update that features a new endless mode, called "Spin." More levels and balls have also been added for a more dynamic player experience.


Color Switch is one of the most addictive games available at present, available both on Google Play and Apple Store. The approach involves carefully tapping the ball through each obstacle. The ball will change color and players also receive power ups along the way. The ball should follow the color pattern on every obstacle to successfully cross it. Passing through the wrong obstacle color will take the players to the beginning.

Touch Arcade wrote that the new mode, "Spin," will require players to hit the required colors while everything is spinning. The layout is more colorful and bizarre compared to the normal mode. Players particularly found "Spin" very challenging and entertaining. The new update also added 25 new levels and three new balls. Players can enjoy several levels to test their skills and while away their time.

Cloud Save was deactivated and a fix was provided for Google services. The Cloud Save will be activated again as soon as the issue on Google services is solved. There are also several modes that keep the game interesting and the interface is among the most visually appealing. Players stay engaged for several minutes a day, for several days in a month.

Venture Beat wrote that by the end of April 2016, Color Switch has garnered over 75 million downloads in a span of three months on app stores. Zeb Jaffter, co-founder of Fortafy Games in Sydney, Australia, shared that they are No. 1 on the U.S. charts for 27 consecutive days and its popularity continues to rise with the help of social sharing and worldwide featuring.

"Color Switch" was developed by David Reichelt and Aditya Oza and was published by Fortafy Games. Reichelt and Oza first created the game over one week using Buildbox. Reichelt, who is colorblind, was able to make the colorful 2D game despite his condition. Jaffer mentioned that they have a new arcade machine partner that plans to build 30,000 arcade machines based on Color Switch which will become available in the U.S. by the end of 2016. Jaffer and his partner, Marc Lejeune, who serves as chief technology officer, are continuing to grow the business.

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