Rolling Sky: Brings a Challenge to Users

From:Campbell Cantalamessa 01/07/2016

The popular new game rolling sky has everyone talking about it. The fun game was manufactured by turbo chill and had rolled right on into the App Store. The game was released on January 20th rolling sky will challenge you, amaze you and can’t stop you from playing it.  


Just control your ball as it rolls through colorful and dangerous impediments. Sounds pretty easy right? Trust me though, it’s not. The controls in the game are simple, just slide your finger back and forth in the desired direction. But be careful, the game insists you to collect gems dodge the dangers.

The goal is to make it through the time passing levels so that you arrive at the end. The ending is so called the “portal”. The portal will then take you to the next level.

“It’s challenging and it’s also very time consuming.” Said Drew Kida.

There are six colorful worlds to the game. Each world has it’s own set of obstacles and music. Game center is available for leaderboards.

Obviously, this challenging game is worth trying and everyone should download. But be aware that once you’re hooked to the game, you’ll have a hard time stopping.