Clash Royale July Update Part 2 - New Cards: Ice Spirit and Bowler

From:Clashroyalearena 04/07/2016

In the upcoming Clash Royale July Update, there are 4 new cards in total: Ice Spirit, Bowler and 2 new Legendary cards. Let’s take a close look!


Ice Spirit and Bowler – 2 New Clash Royale Cards in the upcoming July Update

Ice Spirit


    ● This new Common card costs only 1 elixir. An Ice Spirit will be summoned.

    ● This new guy can deal damage and freeze the enemies for 2 seconds, both troops and buildings! Seems like the arena damage is pretty large as it can cover the entire Minion Horde.

    ● Ice Spirit stops charging Prince.

Wait! 1 Elixir, 2 seconds? R.I.P Sparky!




If you play Clash of Clans, you may know this guy!

    ● The Bowler is Epic card that costs 6 elixir.

    ● He deals splash damage with his globular rock, smashes everything on the straight light and push them back 1 tile (except charging Princes).

Bowler will be a great counter to Hut Decks, even better than Wizard, Bomber and Bomb Tower. He can completely eliminate ground swarms. He can also deal heavy damage to Tower (226 damage per hit at level 4) If supported well. I really want to use this guy! 


Watch this video for more details about Ice Spirit and Bowler:

New other stuffs:

    ● Player profile will show the last used Battle Deck.

    ● New sort button will be added for the Card Collection (Sort by Arena, Elixir, Rarity, …)

    ● New Inferno Tower graphic.


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